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Bulldozer Steering Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Bulldozer Steering Hydraulic CylinderBulldozer Steering Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Bulldozer Steering Hydraulic CylinderBulldozer Steering Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Bulldozer Steering Hydraulic CylinderBulldozer Steering Hydraulic Cylinder

Bulldozer Steering Hydraulic Cylinder

The bulldozer steering hydraulic cylinder produced by Qingdao Micro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly used in loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, etc.
The compact structural design of the bulldozer steering hydraulic cylinder and the use of high-strength materials ensure the extreme lightweight of the cylinder. It adopts a high-temperature durability sealing system and a long-life cylinder liner, and uses a durable hard chrome-plated piston rod to improve anti-corrosion durability.
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Product Description

Bulldozer steering hydraulic cylinder piston rod: 40Cr quenching and tempering heat treatment, hard chrome plating, mirror polished. Accept customer specified materials

Bulldozer steering hydraulic cylinder cylinder: 25Mn tempered heat treatment is used to resist deformation. 25Mn t is more wear-resistant than C45/C20 steel.

Bulldozer steering hydraulic cylinder seal kit: NOK, SKF, equivalent brands can accept customer-specified brands

Dozer steering hydraulic cylinder bushing: hardened steel or copper

Bulldozer steering hydraulic cylinder block: The material is made of alloy steel 27SiMn, which has high strength, small appearance and light weight. It is ground and rolled to a very high surface finish to minimize internal friction and extend the service life of the seal.

Engineering machinery steering hydraulic cylinder product advantages

• Compact structural design and use of high-strength materials ensure the ultimate lightweight of the cylinder

• Designed to withstand a wide temperature range (-40℃~+100℃), and can provide customized services for higher or lower temperature cylinders

• Mature sealing system ensures that the cylinder does not vibrate or crawl at low speeds

• Systematic theoretical analysis and finite element calculations ensure that the cylinder has an extremely long service life under heavy loads.

• The guide sleeve adopts special anti-corrosion technology to ensure that the oil cylinder can tilt for a long time without the problem of guide sleeve rusting.

• Provide a variety of surface anti-corrosion treatment solutions: electroplating, ceramic spraying, laser cladding, etc.

• Hydraulic locks, load holding valves, sequence valves, relief valves, pressure measuring joints, etc. can be designed and integrated as required

• Can be designed into a two-stage or multi-stage cylinder according to customer needs, and can independently control two rodless chamber oil circuits

• For all-terrain cranes, cylinder head blocks and guide rail assemblies can be configured

• Working pressure, size specifications, installation methods, etc. can be customized according to customer needs.

Product features of bulldozer steering hydraulic cylinder:

●The maximum rated working pressure is 32MPA.

●Simple structure, small size, light weight and high strength.

●Sealing system

Our company's hydraulic cylinders all use sealing rings from PARKER, MERKEL and Baosexiaban Company that can overcome the conditions of use in various industries such as engineering machinery, mining machinery, and lifting and transportation. Our company's unique sealing system design effectively solves the problem of piston problems. The leakage of rod end oil and the occurrence of dry friction on the piston rod.

●Piston rod

Manufactured from precision ground high strength carbon steel. Based on the design concept of improving the strength of the rod body and high-performance heat treatment, hard chromium plating and CNC polishing ensure the uniformity and high smoothness of the surface texture, thereby ensuring the good surface oil film and increasing the service life of the seal. . All piston rods and piston assemblies have a minimum 4:1 safety factor based on tensile strength at rated load at the smallest cross-section.

●Guide sleeve

Made of high-strength ductile iron and high-strength carbon steel with buffered bore brazing. While ensuring high wear resistance, it avoids the bonding and straining of steel parts due to friction between the buffer sleeve and the guide sleeve. The imported phenolic support rings distributed in the guide sleeve have high pressure bearing capacity and can eliminate all metal-to-metal contact between the piston rod and the guide sleeve. The rational layout of the guide and support lengths improves the lateral load-bearing capacity, absorbs impacts, and increases the contact area while minimizing bearing stress and extending the life of both the hydraulic cylinder and the seal.

●Cylinder block

Made of high-strength alloy steel, the cylinder wall thickness is changed according to the appropriate strength and size. The inside of the company's cylinder is rolled and processed to achieve good surface finish and hardness, so as to minimize internal friction and improve durability. Abrasion resistance extends the service life of the seal.

●Pistons and piston seals

The standard piston is of one-piece steel construction and is fitted to the piston rod for concentricity. The long threaded connection between the piston and the piston rod and the secure locking of the steel balls not only make installation easy and convenient, but also fully ensure reliable operation under high-speed load conditions. The design of the threaded joint part of the piston and the piston rod abandons the traditional concept of front guide and rear thread, and adopts the design thinking of front thread and rear guide. While making full use of the heat treatment depth and hardness of the piston rod thread part, it also greatly increases the piston length. The cross-sectional area of the rod body subject to axial load increases the strength of the piston rod to the maximum extent.

In addition to ensuring the normal use of the hydraulic cylinder, the piston sealing structure also adds a dirt-collecting ring before and after the main seal and support ring, which helps protect the piston seal from contaminants, thus extending the service life of the seal.


This series of hydraulic cylinder buffer sleeves are made of high-strength alloy steel. After heat treatment and surface treatment, it can fully ensure the test of high back pressure during the front and rear buffering process when the hydraulic cylinder is used. It also has a built-in buffer mechanism that can absorb shock and relieve pressure at the end of the stroke. The effective gap between the buffer sleeve and the piston rod can not only reduce the starting pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, but also has the function of automatically adjusting the concentricity, eliminating the influence of the coaxiality error. It has good buffering performance, can reduce noise and impact load, and extend the service life of the machine. service life.


Robotic welding effectively avoids the instability of manual welding quality, and professional ultrasonic flaw detection eliminates the occurrence of welding defects.


Various valves with dedicated slow return counter balancing and emergency shut-off functions can be easily installed as needed.

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