Excavator Bucket Rod Cylinder
  • Excavator Bucket Rod CylinderExcavator Bucket Rod Cylinder
  • Excavator Bucket Rod CylinderExcavator Bucket Rod Cylinder
  • Excavator Bucket Rod CylinderExcavator Bucket Rod Cylinder
  • Excavator Bucket Rod CylinderExcavator Bucket Rod Cylinder

Excavator Bucket Rod Cylinder

Qingdao Micro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of excavator bucket rod cylinders for design and processing. Our products serve customers such as CAT, Volvo, and SANY. You can confidently purchase hydraulic cylinders from us, and we will provide you with the best quality, after-sales service, and timely delivery. We have been focusing on hydraulic cylinders for more than 20 years. Our products have extremely high stability and their price advantage is also very obvious. Covering most of the European and American markets.
We can provide you with:
• Bucket Cylinder
• Boom Cylinder
• Bucket Rod Cylinder
• Bulldozer Hydraulic Cylinder
• Steering Hydraulic Cylinder
• Angle Push Oil Cylinder
• Chassis Telescopic Oil Cylinder
Customizable according to customer requirements

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Product Description

Excavator bucket rod cylinder function: control the movement of the small arm of construction machinery, etc.

Advantages of excavator bucket rod cylinders: compact structural design, use of high-strength materials, heat treatment, and welding processes ensure that the cylinder has high fatigue durability life under high pressure and heavy load.

Provides a variety of surface anti-corrosion treatment solutions: Ni/C electroplating, ceramic spraying, laser cladding, QPQ, etc.

Hydraulic locks, explosion-proof valves, oil pipes, etc. can be designed and integrated as required.

The design has a wide temperature range (-25℃~+120O), and can provide customized services for higher or lower temperature cylinders

The mature buffer design allows the bucket arm hydraulic cylinder to reduce cylinder impact during excavation operations without reducing the excavation force and affecting work efficiency. The earrings of the integral die forgings can be equipped with standard self-lubricating bushings, which can also be configured according to customer needs. .

Excavator bucket rod cylinder piston rod material: 40Cr quenching and tempering heat treatment, hard chrome plating, mirror polished. Accept customer specified materials

Excavator bucket rod cylinder's material: 25Mn tempered heat treatment is used to resist deformation. 25Mn t is more wear-resistant than C45/C20 steel.

Excavator bucket rod cylinder seal kit: NOK, SKF, equivalent brands can accept customer-specified brands

Excavator bucket rod cylinder Bushing: Hardened Steel or Bronze

Excavator bucket rod cylinder block: The material is made of alloy steel 27SiMn, which has high strength, small appearance and light weight. It is ground and rolled to a very high surface finish to minimize internal friction and extend the service life of the seal.

Introduction to the advantages of excavator bucket rod cylinder

The advantages and characteristics of the excavator bucket rod cylinder produced by our company are small size, light weight and high strength. The strength, fatigue design and adaptability of the cylinder body and piston rod are selected according to the load frequency analysis, processing technology and welding technology. Through ultrasonic wave Flaw detection inspection, as a high-voltage specification, achieves small size, light weight, high strength, and high reliability. The production and assembly processes are very sophisticated, and all cylinders shipped from the factory have been tested on high-pressure test benches, ensuring reliable quality.

Selection of excavator bucket rod cylinder seals: Japanese NOK and Baose Xiaban can ensure the strict requirements of the use environment and the company's unique sealing system design to prevent soil, sand and dust, reduce oil leakage, and obtain an excellent piston rod oil film.

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