Boom Cylinder of Excavator
  • Boom Cylinder of ExcavatorBoom Cylinder of Excavator
  • Boom Cylinder of ExcavatorBoom Cylinder of Excavator
  • Boom Cylinder of ExcavatorBoom Cylinder of Excavator
  • Boom Cylinder of ExcavatorBoom Cylinder of Excavator

Boom Cylinder of Excavator

The boom cylinder of excavator produced by Qingdao Micro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. are mainly used for non-standard customized cylinders in excavators, large tonnage forklifts, and special machinery. Qingdao Micro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic cylinders. You can rest assured to purchase long-life hydraulic cylinders from our factory. We will provide you with the best after-sales service and timely delivery.
We can provide you with:
• Bucket Cylinder
• Boom Cylinder
• Bucket Rod Cylinder
• Bulldozer Hydraulic Cylinder
• Steering Hydraulic Cylinder
• Angle Push Oil Cylinder
• Chassis Telescopic Oil Cylinder
Customizable according to customer requirements

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Product Description

Boom cylinder of excavator category: Single rod piston hydraulic cylinder

Boom cylinder of excavator material: ductile iron QT600-7 Q355D 20# steel, etc. Customer-specified steel models are accepted.

Boom cylinder of excavator oil seal brands: Japanese NOK, Parker oil seal, MAPKER, Swedish SKF, equivalent brands, customer-specified brands are accepted.

Installation method of Boom cylinder of excavator: Installation with earrings at both ends

Boom cylinder of excavator application fields: Excavator boom hydraulic cylinder

Boom cylinder of excavator product introduction: The excavator hydraulic cylinder processed and manufactured by our company, the cylinder head and cylinder cover are made of rolled steel and cast iron, and can also be processed with materials specified by the customer. The cylinder barrel is made of seamless steel pipe grinding and processing. Make the inner hole achieve a high smoothness, reduce internal friction and extend the service life of the seal. Each batch of purchased materials has a material inspection report, and its materials and material properties are strictly in accordance with customer requirements.

Boom cylinder of excavator product description:

As the execution structure of the excavator's key actions, the excavator bucket hydraulic cylinder is also a very important actuator in the hydraulic system. It generally consists of a cylinder block, a cylinder rod (piston rod) and a seal. The inside of the cylinder block is divided into two parts by a piston. Each oil cylinder part has an oil hole respectively. Since the compression ratio of the liquid is very small, when oil enters one of the oil holes, the piston will be pushed to make the other oil hole discharge oil, and the piston drives the piston rod to extend (retract).

Excellent cylinder material:

Our company processes and manufactures excavator hydraulic cylinders. The cylinder head and cylinder cover are usually made of rolled steel or iron. The cylinder barrel is made of seamless steel pipe or cast steel ZG230-450 or cast steel ZG270-500 and cast steel ZG310-570. This can Processing the inner hole to a high surface brightness can reduce internal friction and extend the life of the seal. Most of the piston of the oil cylinder is made of cast iron or cast steel, and the piston is fixed on the piston rod using an original process. At the same time, we also accept customer-specified materials for processing and manufacturing.

The piston rod is generally made of high-strength steel, and its surface is treated by carburizing and quenching, grinding, polishing and hard chromium plating to make the piston rod resistant to wear and corrosion. For aggressive service environments, we usually use stainless steel piston rods, which can be chromium plated to resist wear. The guide sleeve is used to support the piston rod when it moves forward and backward. Most of them are made of ductile iron and can usually be removed without disassembling the entire cylinder.

Seal material and structure

When the piston rod seal is installed, it usually includes a dust ring on the outside to remove dust and purge from the piston rod. To avoid being inhaled, a main seal is used to seal the cylinder pressure. Low-pressure cylinders also need to add an oil pressure buffer ring in front of the main seal to reduce the oil pressure experienced by the main seal ring and enhance the sealing effect and service life of the main seal ring. Seals are generally made of nitrile rubber, Grain ring, polyurethane, fluororubber or filled polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Generally speaking, O-rings are used in static sealing places such as cylinders and guide sleeves, pistons and rods, etc. Y-shaped seals, V-shaped seals or combined seals are used to seal pistons and piston rods.

Boom cylinder of excavator function and application

With the advancement of processing technology, Qingdao Micro Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs in this field after years of technological innovation and performance optimization. The company already has the ability to produce hydraulic cylinders on a large scale. All hydraulic cylinders shipped from the factory have been tested on high-pressure test benches and are accompanied by test reports. With reliable quality assurance, the hydraulic cylinders it produces are suitable for Komatsu excavators, Hitachi excavators, Carter excavators, Kobelco excavators, and Doosan Daewoo excavators. Modern excavator. Sumitomo excavators. Kato excavator, Case excavator, Volvo excavator. Liugong excavators, Sany excavators and other series.

Development Trend of Boom cylinder of excavator Technology

1: Energy saving

Energy saving is the core of our current development. Hydraulic cylinders are the executive components of excavators, and friction welding plays a key role in energy saving of the entire excavator hydraulic system. Therefore, the development and production of energy-saving, lightweight, and miniaturized hydraulic cylinders is The foundation of our development is also our advantage.

2. Environmentally friendly

At present, the transmission medium of hydraulic cylinders for excavators is hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil cannot avoid leakage and volatilization during use, which will have a certain impact on the environment. Therefore, the development of new water media, hybrid hydraulic cylinders or electronic cylinders will become the future development direction.

3. New materials and new technologies

As the requirements for the life, performance and stability of excavators become higher and higher, research on new materials and new technologies for hydraulic cylinders dedicated to excavators has received widespread attention. At present, the material of hydraulic cylinders is mainly steel. In the future, it will develop in the direction of alloy steel, aluminum alloy, ceramics and synthetic organic polymer materials.

Safety buffer function of the boom cylinder of excavator: According to needs, various valves with special slow return, counting balance and emergency shut-off functions can be easily installed. It also has a built-in buffer mechanism that absorbs shock at the end of the stroke. To ensure safer use of the cylinder.

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