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Hydraulic cylinder decomposition and maintenance


1. Remove cylinder bottom, cylinder head, guide sleeve. Before removing the hydraulic cylinder, the regulating handle or pressure regulating screw of the relief valve should be loosened to relieve the pressure of the hydraulic circuit.

2, usually the oil in the two chambers of the cylinder should be released, and then remove the cylinder head, and finally remove the piston and piston rod. During the piston rod impact to prevent injury.

3, piston - generally threaded connection, but there will be a stop screw, to remove the stop screw first.

4. Finally remove the sealing width.

5. Use oxygen-acetylene flame to roast the scratched part (master the temperature, avoid surface annealing), bake the oil that penetrates into the metal surface, bake until there are no sparks and oil carbonization.

6. Mix Solay carbon nanopolymer material SD7101H strictly according to the volume ratio of 2:1, stir until the color is uniform and consistent without color difference.

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